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My garage door spring broke what should i do?

How to replace my broken garage door springs?

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Gold Garage Door services provide professional garage door springs replacement and adjustment services, Our technicians equipped with every type of residential springs extension and torsion. When you need a spring replacement you can count on us to be there in the next 2 hours and get your door operate smooth again in no time!

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One of the most common garage door repair jobs is a broken springs replacement, On daily basis there is a huge amount of pressure on your garage door torsion springs / extension springs. The springs role is very crucial when you open and close the garage door, It carry the door wight and make a 700 pounds door feel as it wight only 20 pounds what make it possible to open or close it without using a significant force. When maintained right a torsion spring or extension spring can less 7-10 years or about 18,000 cycles, Spring brakes usually during opening or closing of the door when the pressure on it is the greatest which makes it very dangerous moment, Your garage door can fall, move out of track or brake the holding cables. When a garage door falls or shut without the spring torsion it mean serious problems, It will damage anything or anybody under it.

Changing a broken springs is a very dangerous task, Every year many garage door professionals injured while doing that every-day task. while dealing with a broken spring you may still have torsion on the system and when that torsion released with no prior perpetration it means disaster!


When you call Gold Garage Doors you can be certain that a professional, well equipped, experienced and insured technician will show up on the same day, replace the broken spring, reset the torsion system and perform a safety check to ensure well performing and safe garage door.

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